Here I write #sol16 Day 27

Here, I write. At the breakfast table that doubles as a desk, a plate of french toast and a steaming mug of tea beside me.  Half of the table is covered in piled up activities for the 7+ hour train ride I will take tomorrow.  The other half clean, so we can actually eat on it.  We eat at the table every night (except pizza night, of course). It’s important to both of us to eat together and to share our day.



Here, I write. Trying to ignore my dogs who keep digging their too-long nails into my leg, as though that will entice me to sneak them some french toast (spoiler alert: it won’t). Kosmo has given up on that approach and lies down beneath the table.



Here, I write. But I struggle to focus as I think of all the things I need to accomplish today.  Laundry, vacuuming, packing…when all I really want to do is snuggle up on the couch with my new book because it’s a rainy, dreary day.

Here, I write.  Wondering what space I might have for this activity in our (imaginary right now) next house.  I dream of a den-like space, painted in a soft color, with white shelving, and white trim around big windows that look out on a pasture where my horse(s) is(are) eating his(their) breakfast.  That’s some serious wishful thinking, but a girl can dream!

Here, I write.  And reflect on this journey.  It’s day 27 and I’m in shock that I’ve stuck with it this long.  I can’t believe how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown, and how much writing has become a part of my day.  Now I need to find a way to keep the momentum going (it’s hard without a challenge!).

Here, I write.  Thank you to slicer, Elisabeth Ellington, from the dirigible plum for borrowing this idea from another blogger so I could borrow it from you. 🙂


I’m trying to write for 31 days straight with the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers.  Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Here I write #sol16 Day 27

  1. Here I read. Sitting snuggled on the coach with a sparkling water by my side. The basketball game plays in the background as I read your beautiful words flowing from the page.

    Here I read. Understanding your surprise at lasting 27 days as I am surprised I’m still hanging in there too. Understanding all you have learned. Knowing what it feels like to wonder if the habit can be sustained after the challenge ends.

    Here I read. The day turns into night. The dog curls up under my feet. The stars begin to twinkle in the far off sky. The thoughts of the busy week ahead try to push into my thinking, but I just listen to your words and smile.

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist playing with that comment a bit. Thanks for your beautiful piece.


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  2. I’m so glad my post inspired your own piece of writing! Amazing how productive some of these repeating formats can be. I have been thinking myself about how to sustain writing and publishing momentum next month. Having a challenge really helps.

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    1. Yes the challenge and the comments! It makes a huge difference when people are actually reading. I’m definitely going to stick with SoL for Tuesday posts. I’m thinking I might have to come up with themes or genres for certain days of the week to keep me going. Good luck to you!


  3. A beautiful piece! Here I sit, reading slices instead of slicing. Your reflection is breathtaking. And now I think I’ll head downstairs to clear the table before breakfast. Half of my table is piled with things I need to do!

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