National Puppy Day #sol16 Day 23

Today is National Puppy Day.  If you’re a dog-lover like me, then you’re loving the deluge of puppy pics on social media.  My Instagram feed is full of adorable dogs.  Yay!

But today isn’t just about celebrating your pups–although it’s a good reason to–it’s about spreading awareness about the importance of adopting dogs from reputable rescues or breeders.

I know there are a lot of issues we need to be worried about these days, but I still think it’s important to support animal causes because animals can’t support themselves.

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last couple weeks, you might’ve noticed that I’m an animal lover.  We have two dogs–Puggles named Kosmo and Wanda–who are almost ten years old.  We adopted them from different shelters/foster homes because they were both puppy mill rescues.  If you don’t know about puppy mills, they are bad news. As I mentioned on Monday, we have filled out an adoption application for another pup.  I think he might be a Puggle too, but we can’t be sure.  He’s definitely half Pug.  He, too, is a puppy mill rescue.  It’s not much, but it makes us feel better to know that we’ve saved at least three pups from the horrors of puppy mills.

If you’re planning on getting a dog anytime soon, please consider adopting from a local rescue.  Be wary of “boutique” pet stores and “backyard breeders”.  There are a lot of unwanted dogs in the country without breeders and mills deliberating breeding more who have nowhere to go.

Give your dog some extra love today! I’m snuggling with mine as I write. 🙂 Happy National Puppy Day!



I’m trying to write for 31 days straight with the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers.  Wish me luck!!

10 thoughts on “National Puppy Day #sol16 Day 23

  1. I have one basset hound, Lucy. Until November I had 2, but Fiona went to the bridge. Both were rescues and I volunteer with Oregon Basset Hound rescue. The basset world has a very active online presence and the Daily Drool FB page has been full of basset puppies. It’s been fun to see them all. Fortunately, the page’s moderators have posted reminders all day that they do not endorse puppy mills or allow sale of dogs on the page. They just wanted to give us alls chance to coo over the cute basset puppies.

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