Yellow Haze #sol16 Day 22

My dog looks like he’s been snorting coke. Yellow Coke.

Don’t worry, he hasn’t. But he has been sniffing the ground and inadvertently sucking up the yellow pollen that currently covers everything.

Literally everything.

Today when I walked out of school I thought it seemed hazy. But it’s not hazy. There is just a pollen fog blanketing Birmingham. It’s rather disgusting.

Whenever you get in your car, you have to wash the windshield.  If you left anything outside (like flip-flops, for example), they will be covered in yellow powder.  When you step, little puffs of yellow float up around your feet. I’m pretty sure today I could taste it.

I had never experienced this phenomenon before moving to the south, but it’s definitely one thing I could live without.

Hopefully wherever you are, you’re not covered in yellow dust.



I’m trying to write for 31 days straight with the Slice of Life challenge from Two Writing Teachers.  Wish me luck!!

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