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NOT my event #sol16 Day 5


Let me start by saying, I don’t do well with yelling.  I’m not from a family of yellers, I rarely raise my voice–even in excitement–and it kind of stresses me out when people are yelling.  Even if it’s not at me.

And when it is at me?  Whew.  My anxiety level skyrockets.

So, imagine this: I’ve been back to horseback riding for about a month and a half, after a 12-year hiatus.  I’m on a horse I don’t know (ironically, it’s Copper and I now, four years later, own him).  He’s fast.  Like, super fast.

Flashback for comparison: Growing up, I competed on a Danish Warmblood.  He was a delightful old chap named Gallant Boru.  We did Dressage together (like this, but not quite this cool or advanced).  It was fun and beautiful… and pretty slow.

Back to the future: I’m on Copper, a Quarter Horse, speeding around the arena, which is scary enough.  Dirt’s flying. We’re turning on a dime, mere inches away from the fence posts. Zipping across the arena towards other horses as they speed in our direction.  Sweat’s flying–from me and from Copper.  Tobi on her gorgeous mount, Grey, is loping quickly toward us and BOOM, we make contact: our left knees slam together with a distinct bone-on-bone sound.  My physical therapist is going to kill me, I thought…right before I thought, I quit. 

That was the day, after maybe three practices, that I learned Drill Team is not my horseback riding event.  I’m not cut out for the yelling, the speed, the danger.  

Luckily, my friends are, so I get to watch them exhibit their skills this weekend at the Alabama Horse Fair.

Here’s part of their routine from this morning.  In real life, it’s literally breathtaking–every time they zoom towards each other I gasp and pray they don’t hit each other.  

And then I thank God it’s not me. πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “NOT my event #sol16 Day 5

  1. I am amazed you ever tried it – this is a risk I know I would never take on. Loved these words, ‘I’m not cut out for the yelling, the speed, the danger.”


  2. one of my dearest friends loves to participate in Drill Team, although she doesn’t do it competitively. I love to watch it, but like you, I know it isn’t my sport!


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