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Book Review: Little Black Lies

Last year I took on the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, and I almost completed it.  I definitely read more than 52 books, but I don’t think a lot of them really fit in the categories.

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My plan was to try again this year, but so far it hasn’t happened.  Over Thanksgiving break I read the first in the Outlander series.  Over Christmas I read the second and then immediately started the third.  I like them a lot, but wow, that’s a LOT to take in.  So halfway through the third book, I had to take a break.  Since then I have read several “chick lit” books.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you the title or author of most of them.  The characters all sort of run together, and the plots follow the same cycle: wussy, unconfident girl thinks she’s not good enough and/or doesn’t “see” the perfect man who’s right in front of her, events happen, blah, blah, blah, she has an epiphany, they end up together. And…done.

I’m not proud of these books.  I don’t really like to tell people I’ve been reading them. I mean, I’m an English teacher, shouldn’t I be reading Shakespeare or the great American classics?  Honestly, half of those lists like this one or this one? I haven’t read a lot of the books on them.  Oops.

But you know what? I don’t mind.  I am smart (moderately), I am pretty well-read, and I figure any book I read is making me at least a teensy bit smarter (or not dumber, in any case).

Okay, so my point is that this weekend I finally read a REAL book.  A book I’m not embarrassed to share with y’all.

Sharon Bolton is a British mystery author whose first novel took place in Shetland, where my mam came from.  I have read all of the books she has written since then, and I’ve enjoyed them all.

Little Black Lies, the book I read this weekend, did not let me down. I was held captive until the very last page, and then I was left with my mouth hanging open. Without giving away too much, I’ll give you a little run-down.

The story is told in thirds by three different characters and takes place in the Falkland islands.  The first third gets in the head of Catrin, who lost her two young sons three years earlier. Her section ends with you wondering if she just committed a horrific crime.  In comes the next character, Callum.  He tells his version of the the last few days (think Vantage Point: Same story, different angles), and he too, leaves us wondering if he commited a horrific crime.  I mean seriously, Bolton really kept me on the edge of my seat here.  Anyway, the final third of the book is told from the POV of Rachel, Catrin’s ex-best friend.  And guess what? At one point we’re wondering if SHE is the one who committed the horrific crime.  In the same vein as Gone Girl, I was constantly wondering what the hell was happening.  But the last couple pages are what made me gasp, literally gasp.

As I write this review, I realize it’s extremely difficult to give you a synopsis of this book without giving anything away.  But, if you’re looking for a good mystery/thriller read, check this book out. (This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the sale if you make a purchase using this link.).

If you read it, I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you think of it!  Also, you can always start with one of her earlier novels. I suggest her standalone novels over the Lacey Flint series, although they’re worth reading too.

What good books have you read lately?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a percentage of the sale if you make a purchase using this link.  Also, please note that I will NEVER link to something that I do not wholeheartedly support.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Little Black Lies

  1. Loved this book as well as all of her other books that I have read so far! Did want you to know that I had an e-mail today to tell me that Sharon Bolton’s first book is now going to be made into a movie. Think that is so cool!


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