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Yoga Calendar for Lent

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Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent.  I’m not Catholic (although most of my family are), but I like the idea of Lent.  I like the idea of testing myself and setting a goal that (for whatever reason) I feel more motivated about sticking to.

Last year I gave up social media.  I didn’t get on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for forty days–it was tough, but also rewarding.  It took forever for to get used to taking pictures and having no one to show them to, but my friends and family got a lot more texts! Haha.  I’ve been off Facebook since before the New Year, and since it’s my biggest time waster, and I have to run the Twitter account of the Alabama Council of Teachers of English,  I can’t (and don’t really need to) give up social media completely right now.

All that being said, I really couldn’t decide what to give up, so instead, I decided to start a new habit: yoga.  I’ve done yoga at home on and off for about a year now with Yoga for Adrienne (her YouTube channel is Ah-Maz-Ing) and I have really enjoyed it.

I’ve completed her 30 Days of Yoga  a couple times, and this new year my plan was to complete the 30 day Yoga Camp series she created, but alas, I failed at that.  I only made it through day 9, and that took about 15 days.  Failure!  Haha.

This year I’m going to mix up the many, many videos on Adrienne’s site (I like that I call her by her first name like we’re buddies.  Not gonna lie, I feel like we are friends because she is so awesome, and funny, and entertaining….okay, I’ll stop gushing.)  Anyhoo, to help me (and my friends who are on board) stick to it, I have created a calendar with a video for each day.  The link to the calendar can be found here (sorry it’s a day late).

Some notes about the calendar: On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to kickboxing, so I have purposely scheduled short videos for those days.  I have planned for longer videos on the weekend, anger management on Mondays (beacuse I mean, come on, it’s Monday), stress relief on Fridays, and then whatever I felt like on other days.  I put the time on each day because that is one of the main ways I choose a video.

Even if you’re not doing it for Lent, you may still enjoy taking on 40 days of Yoga!  I’d love to hear how you do with it, what you suggest for changing it, or which videos you enjoyed the most.  



P.S. You can follow Adrienne’s YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram (I do!) at adrienelouise.  🙂


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